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Beauty through nutrition

Some of my friends have made changes in their eating habits in recent years. They tell me they can not just feel the effects, but also see them. Is this possible?

Green-Mama Inhaberin Kerstin mit natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen

Green Mama: Absolutely! This has been my experience as well, both personally and with my clients. The better your diet, the better, for example, your skin will look. Healthy eating combined with organic cosmetics is the best beauty regimen of all. After all, healthy eating is like medicine for the body and skin. I can see that again and again at my organic cosmetic studio. Good nutrition is a true beauty booster.

So, what, specifically, should I do?

Green Mama: A healthy base works wonders. It can help you get your skin look and feel at its best. To get there, your body and skin need an optimum of nutrients and vital substances – if possible, daily and in a natural way. However, in order to achieve this. you don’t have to be perfect or dogmatic. Just start by making sure you include a good mix of green chlorophyll, enzymes, secondary phytonutrients, bitter substances, minerals, and trace elements in your daily diet.

Isn’t that a lot of work?

Green Mama: Just making small changes in your habits is actually really simple. These days, you can find everything you need for a plant-based vegan diet at your local organic market, where you can also find a wide choice of local and sustainable items. It’s fresh and tasty, and you could say it is kind of a organic cosmetic treatment from the inside.

Couldn’t I buy vegetables and salad much cheaper from a discount grocery store?

Green Mama: Yes, but generally there is a difference in quality. Less expensive stores often sell i.e. vegetables that look tasty from the outside, but lack flavor, or they might not contain as much of the important nutritives our body needs to bring true radiance from the inside.

So, I should really buy organic?

Green Mama: Yes. Some fruits and vegetables contain barely any or even no natural active substances because they have been grown in solutions or on depleted soil. Others have lost a lot of their nutritional value due to long transit or storage times. Others are so-called hybrids with a high sugar content, but few nutrients, or worse, they might contain even pesticides. This doesn’t provide you with a good nutritional value. It is best to buy vegetables, salad, and fruits at an organic grocery store. For example, I do my shopping at a local Demeter farmer’s market in Frankfurt.

What about organic quality certifications? Can I rely on them?

Green Mama: Unfortunately not. Just like organic cosmetics and their many different quality seals, there are huge differences. While all organic certifications do provide a first orientation regarding basic standards in the production, there are huge differences when compared directly. That’s why I personally swear by Demeter and Bioland as my preferred organic quality seals. They define very high standards that provide a guarantee regarding the quality I look for.

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