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How do I get healthy skin?

A healthy protective barrier is the basis for healthy skin. Without this barrier, bacteria and allergens can easily penetrate the skin and cause irritation or even deseases. Certified organic cosmetics like the products I use can help to maintain or restore this protective barrier. Together, you and I will treat inflammation, redness, skin irritation, and serious skin diseases such as acne or rosacea to help your skin achieve a sustainable recovery. To achieve this, it is important to develop a simple daily skincare routine. This will leave your skin looking radiant and keep it healthy. But you may ask, what are the biggest skin issues anyway?

Impure skin

Impure skin is not just an issue for teenagers. Unfortuanetely, it affectvs all age groups. Hormones, among other factors, can be the cause for blackheads, pimples and acne. For example, an excess of male hormones can cause impure skin. This can occur during stressful situations or if you do not get enough sleep over a prolonged period, eat a poor diet, or are exposed to harmful substances. In addition to excess sugar, nicotine and alcohol also contribute to the development of skin impurities; when there is too much oil flakes of skin will clump together and clog the pores – and this is not limited just to the face. A healthy diet makes a real difference, since it has a noticeable positive effect on restoring and improving skin health.


Blackheads are caused by excessive sebum production. Instead of draining away, the sebum solidifies and clogs the outer end of a hair follicle. Blackheads get their name from their dark colour, which comes from the pigment melanin. This pigment oxidizes on contact with air and causes the sebum plug to darken in colour. However, oily skin should under no circumstances be attacked with aggressive products! Coarse peels or tonics containing high alcohol volume will worsen the complexion even further. By contrast, organic cosmetics for oily skin regulate sebum production gently and on a lasting.


Pimples are the kind of blemish that occurs when skin impurities become inflamed and is filled with pus. In these cases, bacteria have colonized the skin, causing the infection. Combination skin is especially challenging to treat, since there are oily zones along with delicate areas with fine pores. Combination skin needs sufficient moisture without overstimulating sebum production. Under no circumstances should you squeeze or pop pimples or blackheads yourself, since this can result in severe inflammation and even scarring.


Acne is driven by testosterone, while estrogen acts as a moderating influence. Acne is typically intensified during puberty, in the second half of the female cycle, and during pregnancy, and during and after menopause. In these times, the sebaceous glands produce more oil, and the openings can become narrow or blocked.

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